Software Engineer: In search

Adjunct Researcher, CSRC

Another happy geek: I love learning new skills and enjoy building large systems, almost just for the sake of it.

After graduating from Télécom ParisTech in 2016, I worked three years in Korea as a Software Security Researcher. This gave me the opportunity to develop my ability to understand and solve abstract problems. I work one year on a project enhancing the Linux Kernel security before pivoting to fuzzing. I always pushed for my project to have high quality prototypes. This way I became comfortable with several system languages: Go, C, C++. Recently, one of my project was merged into the LLVM project, one of the largest C++ code bases, and heavily relied on by Google. In 2020 I returned to France and worked at PacketAI, a young startup, to build a cloud monitoring platform: I was in charge of the agent producing data, and all the microservices treating it before handing either the UI or the ML services.


  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Security


  • Master in Computer Science, 2016

    Télécom ParisTech

  • Preparatory School in Physics and Chemestry, 2013

    Lycée Lakanal